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Little Inventor's Lab
— Micro:Bit I

Life-long learning starts with early age curiosity. In this class, we cultivate the curiosity to innovative ideas. In this class, 

  • Using block-based programming language to build smart instruments and devices

  • Understanding the digital and physical world interaction

  • Developing hand-on skills and persistence as a 21st century maker

  • Discovering the infinite possibilities of digital technologies


Everyday Robotics
— Micro:Bit II

The combination of real world application and virtual coding is vital, and they can work together to build a better world. In this class, 

  • Using block-based programming language to construct daily-applicable robotic projects 

  • Activating learner's sense of artistry and all-around designer-perspective thinking

  • Encouraging proactive learning and programming

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Scratch I
— Introduction to Scratch

Getting familiar to coding via block-based coding is a fun and simple way to cultivate learner's interest. In this class, students will:

  • Learn fundamental skills of using Scratch

  • Digital storytelling with Scratch

  • Snap blocks together to provide commands to program their own animations, stories and interactive art

Scratch II
​— Scratch Game Design

Unleash your creative skills with Scratch. In this class, kids will learn coding fundamentals like loops, variables, and conditionals as they build interactive games:

  • Learn coding basics like sequencing, debugging, and events as they make dancing sprites, digital art, and even their own music and games

  • Design your own world of characters, backdrops, and games as you learn coding concepts

  • Encouraging proactive learning and programming


Python I
— Python 101 with MineCraft Education

Starting text-base coding with Python does not need to be boring, and we teach students Python with the challenges they care. With this class, students will

  • Learn Python by solving fun challenges inside MineCraft gameplays;

  • Learn basic coding structures;

  • Using basic coding structure to solve reasonably complex real life problems

Python II
​— Python Turtle

Building game worlds with the Python knowledge we acquired and the only limit is our imagination

  • Applying Python skills to produce art pieces

  • Students feel the real power and potential of programming by constructing drawings

  • Project-oriented learning and team-oriented collaboration

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